Take the Guesswork Out of Safety Compliance.

eTRAX™ Inspection Tracking is not an off-the-shelf, scanner-based software package. eTRAX is fully customized to your workplace and your processes. Each report built the way you want it, delivering the information you deem important to maintain safety, assure compliance, and scare off any gremlins. And, as an extra precaution, we audit all reports for completeness and validity before emailing them to you.

eTRAX utilizes either a handheld device or computer to digitize the inspection process. Barcodes attached to the assets are scanned during each inspection, prompting the inspection history and status. If an inspection is required, eTRAX automatically guides the inspector through the process. With a very intuitive interface, the inspection and safety compliance process is seamlessly completed. This data is harvested and then Business Intelligence (BI) software performs the analytics and reporting. The eTRAX backbone is IBM® Cognos® BI software, the global leader in decision support solutions. With eTRAX there is no software to install or maintain, so there's no burden or reliance on company IT departments.

With eTRAX technology, your folks can put their clipboards and pencils away, and spend their time doing what's most important - making sure assets are inspected, in good working order and free of any gremlins. We take care of the reporting...just to make sure everything is safe and sound.

Here's How eTRAX Keeps You Safe and Sound:

  • Turnkey Solution
  • Fully Configured to Your Specs
  • Custom Reports
  • Third-Party Auditing Services
  • Cloud Solution
  • 24/7 Data Access
  • Commercial Grade Collection Devices
  • Training & Tech Support

eTRAX adapts to your way of thinking and working. And since all reports are automatically archived, you have a permanent tracking and reporting history available 24x7 that exceeds all OSHA requirements. All without ever having to burden your IT department.