PITTSBURGH, PA, April 2012 - It is hard to believe, but it is still common practice for safety inspectors to use a manual, hand-written, "clipboard" method to document inspections. This pencil and paper process is prone to error, cumbersome and time-consuming. Besides, managing the mountains of paperwork this "clipboard" method generates is very complex and accessing these documents for audits, or worst yet, accidents, is even more complex. The first-generation electronic inspection software helped automate the process, but it has not been without its challenges. These out-of-the-box programs lack flexibility and thus are limited in their ability to generate the full range of reports a Safety Manager requires.

Introducing eTRAX: the only electronic inspection and safety compliance solution that conforms to each user's specific processes and delivers reports based on those processes. Plus, eTRAX personnel audit each report to assure inspection and safety compliance parameters are met, before delivering the report via email. eTRAX is a cloud solution that provides the user 24/7 access to all data and reports. The complete, custom solution includes the training, the commercial rugged grade collection devices, 3rd party auditing services and technical support.

Dan Volitich, president of eTRAX explains, "First, we saw the need in the market for a complete, turnkey, hardware and quality control. Second, it had to be a custom solution where the individual safety operator's processes and reporting requirements were used to build the specs. This is not an off-the-shelf product. Every user's process is different, so the solution had to be customizable," he said.

eTRAX utilizes either a handheld device or computer to digitize the inspection process. Barcodes attached to the assets are scanned during each inspection, prompting the inspection history and status. If an inspection is required, eTRAX will automatically guide the inspector through the process. With a very intuitive interface, the inspection and safety compliance process is seamlessly completed. This data is harvested and then Business Intelligence (BI) software performs the analytics and reporting. The eTRAX backbone is IBM® Cognos® BI software, the global leader in decision support solutions. With eTRAX there is no software to install or maintain, so there's no burden or reliance on company IT departments.

"The bottom line is that eTRAX lets safety inspectors focus on inspecting, and safety managers focus on making sure the workplace is safe. As for compliance, the eTRAX reporting exceeds OSHA requirements. We make sure of that by auditing the daily reports," emphasized Volitich.

eTRAX is exhibiting at Safety 2012, the ASSE Conference and Exposition, on June 3-5, 2012 in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center. To arrange an eTRAX demo at the Exposition or for more information, contact Janet Amos Pribanic at 412.787.8422 ext.153 or

About eTRAX™

eTRAX is the only turnkey electronic inspection and safety compliance management solution that is completely customized and supported with audited reporting. The eTRAX technology platform is built on the best in class Business Intelligence (BI) software of IBM® Cognos®. The system was designed and is supported by John Daniel Associates, a Premier IBM Partner, which has been serving the Business Intelligence needs of Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. John Daniel Associates is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit