eTRAX & John Daniel Associates


eTRAX is the only electronic inspection and safety compliance solution that conforms to each user’s specific processes and delivers reports based on those processes. Plus, eTRAX personnel audit each report to assure inspection and safety compliance parameters are met, before delivering the report via email. eTRAX is a cloud solution that provides the user 24/7 access to all data and reports. The complete, custom solution includes the training, the commercial rugged grade collection devices, 3rd party auditing services and technical support.

The developers at John Daniel Associates saw a need in the inspection tracking market for a complete, turnkey solution…software, hardware and quality control. A custom solution where the individual safety operator’s processes and reporting requirements were used to build the specs. Every user’s process is different, so the solution had to be customizable. The result: eTRAX Inspection Tracking.

eTRAX lets safety inspectors focus on inspecting, and safety managers focus on making sure the workplace is safe. As for compliance, the eTRAX reporting exceeds OSHA requirements. We make sure of that by auditing the daily reports.


The eTRAX technology platform is built on the best in class Business Intelligence (BI) software of IBM® Cognos®. The system was designed and is supported by John Daniel Associates, a Premier IBM Partner, which has been serving the Business Intelligence needs of Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years.

That's certainly not the only thing you need to know, but it is pretty significant, especially when you consider there are only 12 such companies in the world.

Thanks to a proprietary process, VantagePointSM, John Daniel designs, develops and deploys enterprise-wide Cognos reporting and analysis applications that give customers a comprehensive view of key information that impacts their corporate performance. That's what users can expect with eTRAX Inspection Tracking.